Welcome to Lvneng Electricity Technology Co.,Ltd.


1. Exquisite process
High-quality technical person is the guarantee of product quality. The company always insists exquisite process and meticulous work attitude, control production process at all levels, to strive for excellence and create perfect quality.

2. Advanced technology
The company has always put scientific and technological innovation as the core strategy of enterprises, not only strengthening independent research and development, but also paying attention to introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, by combining the above steps, it constantly walks in the forefront of technology and controls the commanding heights of enterprise development.

3. Adequate system
Adequate system is the assurance of product quality. In process quality control, work specifications have been created for each product, specifying process key control points and related requirements, which have completed change from quality control of results to quality control of process.

4. Professional testing
A professional and advanced testing (experiment) center is set up for test and inspection of equipment materials, connectivity, assembly, process, integrity and function and test. Every product is requested to be tested and inspected by various equipment and related tests, to ensure that good performance and flawless quality.

5. Efficient management
The company has more than 180 employees, with 25% of technical talent, 3 persons with senior titles and 15 with intermediate titles, and 20% of them possess college degree or above, who are highly cohesive and strong in fighting spirit. Meanwhile, it owns a strong quality workforce, a number of skillful, pragmatic and enterprising professionals, which provides efficient management and strong support to the quality of the company.